der Zufriedene Mensch

der Zufriedene Mensch

Der zufriedene Mensch ist froh mit allem was um ihn herum geschieht.

Er genießt die kleinen Dinge des Lebens.

Das Leben ist schön !

The Contented Man is an authentic living statue, based on the original statue, which is found in Eersel (Brabant, NL). The Contented Man has become the symbol for a positive mental attitude. The working class always had to work hard for little money. However, they did not complain, were satisfied with what little they had and took life as it was.

The Contented Man as a Living Statue looks very lifelike. Only the smoke from his pipe reveals that this is a Living Statue and not an actual bronze statue. The Contented man is a “feelgood” statue, andexudes an atmosphere of calm and serenity. The image embodies positivity and is impressive in its simplicity.

The Contented Man is perfect to combine with the Grumpy Old Man!

The Contented Man won the following prizes:

  • First prize, Sea Statues, Hellevoetsluis, 2013
  • Audience, NK Living Statues, Valkenburg, 2013
  • Third prize, Best of Borne, 2014